Anthony Bourdain tries Jollibee halo-halo

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MANILA, Philippines – Chef, author and TV personality Anthony Bourdain visited a Jollibee restaurant in Los Angeles and ate halo-halo for his new show, “Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown,” which aired on CNN on Sunday.

Chef Anthony Bourdain tweeted this photo of halo-halo from a Jollibee store in Los Angeles

Filipino food is not new to Bourdain, who did an entire episode on the Philippines for his previous show, “Anthony Bourdain No Reservations,” where he visited Chinatown and ate lechon, among others.

Sunday’s episode was actually about L.A.’s Koreatown and Bourdain was accompanied by two guides, Korean-Americans Roy Choi and David Choe. Among the restaurants he visited were Dong Il Jang, where he ate bulgogi; and Chego, where he tried the popular kimchi Spam bowl.

But Bourdain’s food trip around Koreatown wasn’t limited to Korean food. He also visited Sizzler, supposedly for the very first time; and tried goat stew and fish curry at a Swadesh in the area’s Little Bangladesh section.

Also in the area is Jollibee, located near Sizzler, and here Bourdain had a taste of halo-halo, which CNN described as a dessert consisting of red beans, white beans, Jell-O, chick peas, coconut, shaved ice and flan.

“It makes no goddamn sense at all. I love it,” Bourdain said of the halo-halo, which he also called “oddly beautiful.”

Bourdain even posted a photo of the halo-halo on his Twitter account.

Bourdain also tried two other Jollibee items, which are not available in the Philippines: the Aloha Burger, with a pineapple slice; and Little Big Bite, which CNN described as a “fried Spam slider.”

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